About Us

Our Passion

10 East Craft Barbecue, founded by filmmaker Joel M. Gonzales (a.k.a HolySmokinJ), is an  underground popup concept specializing in smoking quality meats in  the  style and flavors found along the southern barbecue trail. 

"We strive to  be bring a new cut on the classics of barbecue; while maintaining the rich  history of the craft!"   - HSJ

We're  here to serve-up  some great barbecue to the beautiful people of San  Gabriel Valley, Los Angeles and wherever the barbecue smoke trail leads us!

Beyond the Smoke Pledge

Because we are believers in building our communities. We proudly donate a portion of all  sales in support of the Man-E Moreno Foundation and the 

Nosotros Organization Youth Programs.  

About Joel

Joel M. Gonzales is a Husband, Father. Friend, Filmmaker, President of Nosotros (the oldest Latinos Arts non-profit in the Nation) and now an aspiring Barbecue Artisan! 

After wrapping on one of his latest film, Joel  felt he needed a hobby in-between productions. He recalled haveing some  great barbecue on his trips through Texas, the Carolina's and other  southern trails - so he thought "maybe I'll take up barbecuing?"  He looked up some YouTube videos and he was hooked from  there! And being someone who always seeks out the best mentors - he did just that!  He sought out to learn from pit-masters Will Lopez and Alex Lopez  of  Pearl's Texas BBQ, BBQ   - he took his" hobby" to a new level! Even taking multiple trips  "while he works on films" along the barbecue trails to learn FROM... and TASTE the best!